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Different Ants Cause Different Damage

Ants move in large numbers. When one enters your home or business through a small opening, it can cause devastation to certain areas of the home. You will probably never find only one ant roaming around the building, but hundreds. Removing them all can be difficult, which is why we recommend you call the professionals. They could simply be looking for food, but could cause a lot of damage while there. Different ants can cause different damages. Carpenter ants can ruin the wood in your home, while other ants can infest your home to create nests for even more ants to roam around. The problem can be never ending, unless you call Harp’s Pest Control.

Cleaning Every Harmful Surface

Harp’s Pest Control can guarantee that the pests will be eradicated for six months from your home. When we come to your home to relieve it of ants, we wipe down every surface and make sure every point of access is closed. We will come back to check to make sure that no ants will return and harm your home. We are the professional pest control specialists for Naples and surrounding areas of Florida. Get the ants out of your home quickly, before the small insects cause huge problems.

Removing Every Trace of Ants

There is no requirement for an annual contract when you call Harp’s Pest control. We will come to your home quickly and thoroughly remove any trace of ants. Contact Harp’s No Risk Pest Control for a free quote today. Most inside pest control prices are given over the phone.

Call us at our main office in Naples at: (239) 348-1900. Please visit our Contact Page for additional contact information for Harp’s No Risk Pest Control services in Marco Island, Bonita Springs, and Fort Myers.

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