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Call Harp’s for Insect Infestations

Bees and wasps can be a serious problem for families who live in homes around the Naples, Florida area. While pesky, they can also be unsafe for people to be around. Bees and wasps have venom in their body, and someone in your home can be allergic. If anyone with this allergen is stung by a wasp or bee, they could go into anaphylactic shock, which could be deadly. Those who are not allergic but stung multiple times, could also go into shock. These serious toxins from flying insects is why it is important to call Harp’s Pest Control quickly if you have an infestation.

Removing the Source of the Danger in SWFL Homes

Bees and wasps create hives in SWFL homeowner’s yards which house thousands of these flying insects. Flying insects with toxins like these in their bodies are dangerous for you and your family. Removing the source, which is the hive, is the most important aspect of beginning the pest control process. Getting rid of the hive or other infested materials is the most effective way to keep re-infestation from occurring. Harp’s Pest Control knows all the right procedures and uses approved equipment to rid your home of any pests that may enter, especially flying insects like bees and wasps.

Handling All Pest Control Needs in Naples, FL

We are the expert pest control specialists in Naples, Florida, and surrounding areas. We handle all areas of pests in Southwest Florida, including mammals, rodents, and insects like bees and wasps. Harp’s Pest Control offers a free estimate to give you an amount on how much it will be to remove dangerous and irritating pests from your home. We never ask you to sign an annual fee.

If you are in the need of a pest control specialist, call (239) 348-1900 for a free estimate. Marco Island, Bonita Springs, and Fort Myers residents should visit the contact page for your local Harp’s Pest Control contact information.

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