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ANTS is one of the most prevalent insect pests in Southwest Florida. They come in many different sizes, from the large carpenter ant to the tiny ant with a big name (Tapinoma melanocephalum), the common Ghost ant. Ants are either red, black, amber or a combination of the three.

Ants are divided into two groups: sweet or protein feeders. However, some will feed on both.


Ants on Wood—Naples, FL—Harp’s No Risk Pest Control

Identification is the key to controlling the problem. Ants are difficult to control because of their numbers. Many colonies may contain thousands of ants, Many of which have multiple queens that will split off to make new colonies in different locations. Nesting sites very among different types of ants. Some prefer to nest inside, while others nest outside. Some control measures include baiting, spraying, or a combination of both. Ants are tuff, but Harp’s is tougher.