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The Sentricon® Always Active® Termite Colony Elimination System

Harp’s No Risk Pest Control of Naples, Florida, provides professional termite control for businesses and residents throughout Collier and Lee County in southwest Florida. We install the professional subterranean termite control system, the Sentricon® Always Active® Termite Colony Elimination System. This technologically advanced system was designed to provide continual protection for your home against termites and the damage that they cause. To get the most effective termite control, call Harp’s No Risk Pest Control today at (239) 348-1900.

Protect Your Home or Business From Termite Attack

Homeowners insurance does not cover termite damage, but Harp’s Pest Control will. Termites are relentless breeders and consumers of wood and wooden products. Your home or business is probably one of your largest financial investments. When your valuable structure is under attack from termites, you must take the steps necessary to promptly and effectively eradicate the threat and protect your building from being devoured and destroyed.

Choose the #1 Termite Prevention System

The Sentricon® system includes a bait that termites cannot resist. The product is completely unrecognizable as a harmful substance by the termites and they continue to consume it eagerly until the queen and the entire colony is eliminated. Sentricon® is the #1 brand in termite prevention and elimination.

The effectiveness and reliability of the Sentricon® system has been verified by dozens of universities and scientific studies, and is trusted to protect many of our nation’s historic monuments including the Statue of Liberty. Harp’s Pest Control is proud to offer this superior professional strength product to you.

Use Sentricon® Always Active® Elimination System in Your Home

Choose the best termite protection available. Choose Sentricon® Always Active® Termite Colony Elimination System for your home or business.

Contact Harp’s No Risk Pest Control of Naples, FL, to receive a quote for the installation of a Sentricon® Always Active® Termite Colony Elimination System at (239) 348-1900. Residents of Lee and Collier County: Please check our Contact Page for the most current contact information for our Marco Island, Bonita Springs, and Fort Myers locations.

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