Professional Rodent Extermination in Collier County, FL

Harp’s No Risk Pest Control Eliminates Mice & Rats

Mice and rats pose many serious and potentially deadly health threats when they come into contact with human habitats, both directly and indirectly. Harp’s No Risk Pest Control offers professional rodent extermination services to eliminate mice and rats in your Collier or Lee County, Florida home or business.

Our rodent elimination arsenal includes professional grade:

  • Bait Stations
  • Snap Traps
  • Rodent Proofing

Bait Stations for Mice and Rat Extermination

Bait stations are a popular and effective option for mice and rat extermination. They are useful because they:

Provide a Protected Place for Rodents to Feed, Allowing Them to Feel More Secure and Consume More Bait Keep Non-Target Species Such As Pets, Livestock, Wildlife, and Children Away From the Toxic Bait

Professional Snap Trap Service for Mice & Rats

Harp’s No Risk Pest Control offers professional non-toxic snap trap service. Contact with snap traps instantly eliminates the mice or rats that are destroying your home, your food, and your piece of mind. There will be no worries about rodent predators such as owls and cats consuming poisoned mice prior to their ultimate demise when you choose snap traps to control your rodent infestation. We know precisely where to install the traps to best control and eliminate these dangerous rodent pests from your home.

Snap trap installation includes two follow up visits to remove deceased rodents so that you will not have to deal with handling the potentially contaminated bodies of the rodents. The traps will be re-baited for you, as well.

Comprehensive Professional Rodent Proofing Service

Our comprehensive rodent proofing service is performed by our professional extermination technicians who have been trained regarding the best techniques for eliminating rodent vermin from residential and commercial properties.

Harp’s No Risk Pest Control Package includes the following:

  • Trapping of Mice and/or Rats From Your Home or Business
  • Seal All Access Points
  • All Materials Needed
  • Service of Required Number of Bait Stations Bi-Monthly for One Year

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